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Zinc Die-Casting from Saxony

  • Who we are and what we can do?

    For over 10 years we have specialized in manufacturing high quality zinc die cast products. Our production plant in Taucha near Leipzig is situated just outside one of the oldest international business metropolis in Germany and offers excellent infrastructure and public transport connections. From here we have supplied customers – regionally and internationally - in almost every branch of industry.

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  • Mitarbeiter/in in der Gießerei (Zinkdruckguss)


    Mitarbeiter/in in der Gießerei (Zinkdruckguss)


Product Samples

  • Automation

  • Communication

  • Engine Building

  • Sport Goods

  • Zinc Die-Casting

    We use modern CNC-controlled hot-chamber die casting machines, which allow exact and permanent monitoring of all die casting parameters.

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  • Subassembly

    If you require, we also pre-mount and/or assemble the parts produced at our premises to system components or subcomponents.

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  • Business Profile

    Many years’ experience in the zinc die casting process and a highly qualified team of experts is indispensable when it comes to finding solutions to customer requirements.

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