FCT employment policy

The FCT employment policy

"The ones who fancy being someone have ceased to become someone". 

You will find the companies’ most valuable assets not listed in their balance sheets!

Our employees create sustainable values within our company and are the key to our success. We work together within the FCT group in a network of knowledge and learning.Our corporate culture is defined by diversity, by open dialogue and mutual respect, and by clear goals and decisive leadership. Entrepreneurial and innovative thinking as well as outstanding commitment are only some of our staff’s most striking features.

Despite the different fields of activity within the FCT group we maintain a unique and distinctive corporate culture. Throughout every stage of our corporate and economic development we set great store by guaranteeing social fairness. All our subsidiaries take into account changes in their employees' professional and personal environment and actively support them in coping with that. 

Target setting and delegation of tasks and competencies characterise the FCT leadership. Superiors see themselves as coaches of their respective teams and provides for a positive work atmosphere enhancing the staff’s commitment. 

Our personnel management primarily aims at the professional and personal development of all staff members in compliance with the FCT corporate objectives and in observance of the equal opportunity principle. From their first day with FCT our employees are challenged and empowered so that they can further develop their potential for their whole working life.
When appointing new staff – depending on their working positions– we attach greatimportance to their flexible versatility or expertise and individual development potential as well as mobility. In terms of increasing occupational demands, preference is given to applicants possessing a wide range of professional expertise. Remuneration is performance and turnover-oriented. We seek to enhance our employees' commitment and motivation by offering attractive, performance-oriented remuneration and incentive systems. Our staff’s achievement is made transparent through incentive systems and is evaluated in dialogue between supervisors and employees.
Creativity drives ideas!

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