Non-Magnetic Connectors

The non-magnetic connectors serve to avoid interference from electromagnetic pulses.

Non-Magnetic Connectors

For those customised applications only non-magnetic material and alloying are chosen, applied, inspected and measured. The final product is tested by a precision meter in order to guarantee for a permeability μr ≤ 1,0025.

On request we can also supply non-magnetic accessories.

Advantages of the FCT connectors:

Preventing any perturbation triggered off by electro-magnetic impulses.


Non-magnetic D-Sub connectors are labelled by an independent modification number (4-digit) at the end of the regular ordering code.

Ordering examples: 

  • F09P0G0-1424
  • F15S0G0-1424
  • F25P0G0-1424
  • F37P0G0-1424
  • F3W3PC-1971
  • FL15P7-K698

Further shell and contact variations on request.

Quality Certificates ISO 9001:2008,Environmental-Certificates ISO 14001
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