Zinc Die-Casting

  • Zinc Die-Casting

    We use modern CNC-controlled hot-chamber die casting machines, which allow exact and permanent monitoring of all die casting parameters. In general we process the commonly used alloy ZP0410. On request however we can also process other alloys if required.

    We are specialized in the manufacture of small-sized and thin-walled products (from 0.5g upwards). Our fettling processes ensure the necessary basis for finishing with a CuNi and CuSn-plating. Currently, we have an annual output of 300 tons. The recent acquisition of a new machine enables us to further increase this annual output.

    Our state-of-the-art machinery park comprises:

    Hot-chamber zinc die casting machines made by Frech:

    • DAW 20S, 20 tons
    • DAW 50F, 50 tons
    • DAW 80F, 80 tons
    • DAW 125F, 125 tons

    Techmire 24 NTX
    Tumble Belt Blasting machine
    Circular Vibrator

    The correct balance between type of machine, size of part, tool and cycle time is critical for your success!

Business Profile

Many years’ experience in the zinc die casting process and a highly qualified team of experts is indispensable when it comes to finding solutions to customer requirements. 

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Quality Certificates ISO 9001:2008,Environmental-Certificates ISO 14001
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