Here D-Sub connectors are illustrated in all sizes for different applications. All versions are available made of various materials and alloys.

  • Standard

    This series includes straight and right angled terminations of different lengths and is available in different arrangements

  • SMT

    fully automatic assembly and solder procedures in the arrangements 9, 15 and 25 male or female contakts

  • THT

    Fully automatic assembly and solder procedures. It includes straight and right angled terminations of different lengths

  • Low Profile

    This series can be installed in 19" assembly systems in accordance with DIN 41494. (DIN 41652 conform).

  • Crimp

    This series includes straight male or female crimp contacts and is available in the arrangements 9-, 15-, 25-, 37 and 50. Various mounting types can be used.

  • D-Sub IDC Ribbon

    This IDC ribbon connectors are available with two contact platings in the arrangements 9, 15, 25 and 37 male or female contacts.

  • Dualport

    This series includes a pair of D-Sub Standard pin- or socket connectors which are vertically spaced in different intervals on a bracket

  • Waterproof

    D-Subminiature connectors in standard configuration with a plastic watertight frame

  • Right angled adapter

    Shielded 90°-Adapter hood. This series includes D-Subminiature- and High Density-connectors.

  • Accessories

    Mounting element, accessories and complete mounting systems for an optimal assembly of connectors on devices and equipment

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