Steel Free Connectors

Steel-free D-Sub connectors reduce interference from electromagnetic pulses.

Steel Free Connectors

For those customised applications only steel free material and alloying are chosen, applied, inspected and measured for the manufacture of the d-sub and mixed layout connectors.

The final product may contain slight influence quantities of residual magnetism.

On request we can also supply non-magnetic accessories.

Advantages of the FCT connector:

Decreasing the number of perturbation triggered off by electro-magnetic impulses.


Steel free d-sub connectors are labelled by an independent modification number (4-digit) at the end of the regular ordering code.

Ordering examples: 

  • F09P0G3-0686
  • F09S5G1-0828
  • F15S0G1-0828
  • F2W2PC-0686
  • F37P26G0-0940
  • F37S26G0-0940
  • F50P2G1-0686

Further shell sizes and contact versions on request.

Quality Certificates ISO 9001:2008,Environmental-Certificates ISO 14001
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