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and our lead-free products.


As regards RoHS status and lead-free status, this information does only apply to those articles which require every column of the columns for identification. For articles which require more or fewer columns for identification please request our sales department. 

For example, the given information applies to F15P12G3 (see second line). But it does not apply to F15P1 or to F15P12G3-0043. 

Regarding the lead-free evaluation we also define articles as lead-free when they fall under the exceptions of the RoHS for steel- (max. 0,35 %), copper- (max. 4 %) and aluminium- (max. 0,4 %) alloys. 

The date format in this table is day.month.year.

Datasheet (PDF)

Quality Certificates ISO 9001:2008,Environmental-Certificates ISO 14001
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